Performing A Disk Cleanup

Performing a disk cleanup from time to time is critical. But though cleaning up your hard disk has benefits, you have to make sure you have also considered the risks before proceeding. Keep in mind that files could accidentally be deleted, by the software tools we may be using, or by accident when manually selecting files and folders for deletion. And cleaning out the files that are no longer needed requires some commitment in terms of time more so if it is done by hand but even using software for the task can take significant time. But generally the risks are minimal if due care is taken and the performance benefits balance any downsides.

Two key methods for cleaning a HDD come to mind; the first simply involves manually reviewing files and folders for deletion, or there is software automation. Manual scanning means stepping through all folders and choosing what files of the examined items are redundant, and removing them as required. The manual method is more thorough than techniques involving automated software tools but it can take some time. Automated cleaning software products that make delete/dont delete decisions based on fields like the date files were last accessed, and internally build a collection of files and folders that must be deleted.